How It Works


1.  First, you complete a food questionnaire, so I can be aware of your likes and dietary preferences.   The standard service includes 3-5 different entrees packaged for 6-10 meals for 2 adults, plus complementing side dishes. Entrees are packaged in 2 serving size containers so you don’t eat something twice in one week.

2.   Using the food questionnaire and your requests, I will then complete a proposed menu for your approval.

3.  Once the menu is approved and a cooking date is scheduled, I will do the grocery shopping and prepare delicious meals to fill your refrigerator and freezer.

4.  Each item will have complete, easy-to-follow thawing and reheating instructions.

5. Your “what’s for dinner” question will be answered!


Pricing :  Prices are for Chef Fees for standard service, and groceries are additional.

3 entrees – 4 adult servings of each with a total of 3 side dishes – $250

3 entrees – 4 adult servings of each without sides -$200




The cost of the each service is reflective of my time menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, packaging, labeling, and clean-up.   It also includes pantry items such as spices, oils, flours, and condiments. Groceries and initial packaging are extra.  Packaging can include whatever you feel  most comfortable with – options are Rubbermaid, Gladware, or Pyrex.   Single serving packaging is an additional $25.